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Sextoys synchonized to FapHeros

Hi all!

I'm currently working with a couple of other part-time pervs/engineers on a set of tools that sync sex toy movements to videos.

You might be familiar with the already existing content for e.g. Kiiroo products or the RealTouch (RIP you beautiful bastard), but those are kind of ... bad imho - what we are creating is a lot better (big claim I know), and open-source.

Here for example is a screenshot of my software sampling the beatbar of "CockHero - Fantastic":


Which can then be used to hands-free play a CockHero/FapHero with one of the many players we developed.

The latest one (just finished the beta today) is a web-based player that connects to software on your PC that directly controls various sex toys (the new Fleshlight Launch for now).

Since this site already host a lot of videos, I was thinking - would you guys be interested in hosting the scripts/player too?

The gifs are not in sync, but you get the idea ;)



yeah.. I could see that hapen.


If you want to tinker around with the current beta, you can find an example implementation here and the desktop software here.
Let me know if I can help.

A couple of repos if you are interested:

Are you generating the Json automatically by detecting beats or do you somehow make it manually?
Could be awesome if we set it up so people who create fapheros and cockheros would be able to generate a Json from their beatfile.
I already made a script for After effects that generate the beatbar based on the audio peaks of a beatfile.

Right now the beats get extracted by matching a certain area of the video to a configurable condition (e.g. specific 8 x 8 pixel area needs to be similar to color X) but I plan on adding a Keyframe based Editor too (that will be more useful for regular porn).

If you already have the timestamps of the beats in a file - that would be even easier to import. What format are the "beatfiles" usually in? Do you have an example?

Beatfiles are audio.
wav files of a simple sound like a click or something.
we use them to generate the beatbar in after effects.
I probably could code something that outputs all the beat locations in a text file using Ms as timestamps.

​​​​​​​Let me see what i can whip up.

Now that I'm having a look at the scripting, i could write a Json file to your exact specifikations.

Sounds good,

Funjacks "official" documentation of the script can be found here and I've uploaded an example script from Pendulum here.

I tought you have some kind of intermediate format for the clean beat bars - that would have made things even easier :)

I'm only familiar with the "regular" beat-bars from AE (I used them in my CH/FP Getting Rough).



Hi,Liquid. It is very wonderful!

Do you support A10 Cyclone SA? Do you also release Windows Build?

Hi Merc.

Afaik qDot's "Buttplug" (the software that the video player connects to and takes care of devide management) does support the following bluetooth devices: Vorze A10 Cyclone, Lovesense, Kiiroo and Fleshlight Launch. Target OS is Windows 7-10 but everything is beta so no "official" releses yet. The only thing I'm not sure is, if the command converter (Funscript to Device specific) for the Cyclone is done - but we'll definitely get there.

Is there a tutorial how to use the desktop software yet? 

its installed and listening on port 12345 and 6868

i tried to change the port for the launchcontrol vlc plugin: to 6868 and 12345.

but that didnt work.


Hi Kimota,

Which desktop software are you talking about specifically (there are several)?

As for the VLC Extension. I don't know more about it than what it says in the readme.

If you could tell me what exactly doesn't work, I can ask Funjack.

Thx for the fast reply.

i mean this desktop software:

The Kiiroo Emulator found my Fleshlight Launch. But i dont know how to get it run at all O:

Oh I see - well The Kiiroo Emulator replaces the Kiiroo software that some Web-video players connect to (pay sites).

Depending on your OS / Video / Setup you might need another software.

Could you tell me a bit more about your Setup and what Video/Script you are trying to play?

We currently have a lot of small projects that can be / have to be combined in different ways depending on OS and content (alpha stage, so no coherent manuals or anything exist)

oh i see :O

Im running windows 10 prof. x64  and want to try one of your examples here:

The launch is connected via bluetooth



this seems to work with the desktop software:


no i just need get faphero running somehow D:

Ok, in that case, the easiest way would be to get my ScriptPlayer (the one in the bottom screenshot of my initial post).

It's a quick release (just made it), might still have some bugs.

Usage is really simple: Load a video, load a script (or if the names match, that will happen automatically), click "Connect to Launch directly" and enjoy (A all-in-one solution). I hope I'll get around writing a proper manual soon.

A couple of settings you might want to tweak:

"Script Delay" - Depending on the video and machine +/-50ms can greatly improve the experience.

"Range" - Set it to your personal comfort zone (0 is where it goes when you turn it off - way to close)

"Min Command Delay" - I'd leave it at 166ms, theoretically you can use less but the launch will not be able to keep up with full motion.

The player itself can only handle the Launch, so for any other devices you can use the "Connect to Buttplug" button.

If connecting the Launch doesn't work (You should see a "Connected to Launch" message with 10-20 seconds) simply restart the program and try again (Win10 BLE is still a bit weird).

Hope it works :)


wow cool :D thx.

It generates an exception, as soon as i click on connect via Buttplug :

System.Net.WebSockets.WebSocketException : The WebSocket is in an invalid ... Valid states are: 'OpenCloseSent, CloseReceived, Closed'

buttplug is running and port 12345 too (saw that via netsat -a)


Connecting directly works fine :)


Cool, glad it works :)

Buttplug probably doesn't work yet because qDot recently added an SSL layer and I didn't - should be sorted out sooner or later.

If you would like to see any specific FapHeros - let me know.

Do you use that Blender extension for it? would like to create one myself.

No, I use a selfmade application (See 1st screenshot of 1st post). It samples a portion of the screen (where the beat is) and detects beats based on color changes. You can find it here:, but it's not very user friendly yet. If you plan on implementing a beatbar then I can give you a couple of tips how to make the scripts for the Launch as easy as possible. If you plan on not using a beatbar (certainly a viable option of you primarily target the Launch) then you would have to either use the Blender plugin, or wait for VideoSync to be usable.

Quick update - ScriptPlayer is now officially released (Download here:

Supports a lot more toys now (Launch, Onyx, Pearl, Vorze Cyclone, Vibratissimo, Magic Motion, Vibrating Game Controllers, etc.)

And scripts for most of the newer FapHeros are also available (


Have fun :)

You did a great job! But for some reason the scripts in format ".funscript" doesnt work...anyone with same issue? Anyway cheers man :-)

Hey kheito, soory for the delayed answer (I forgot I don't get notifications for this forum).

A recent batch of funscripts was accidentially uploaded empty, maybe that was the problem.

BR, Liquid

You are right it was the problem. Btw have you tested script on Bastati´s Pendulum (no host)´s working kind of but it isn´t  synchronized at all. Maybe i downloaded wrong version, but it´s definitely Pendulum (no host). Thank you for the answer ,)

I've tested Pendulum maye more often than any other video because that's the one I used when I was still building the fundamental functions of my tools. Just to be sure, I double-checked it with the latest version and the sync seems to be on-point. My version has a duration of 01:11:50, maybe that helps. Another thing you could try is adjusting the Script Delay slider in the settings panel - that usually makes the biggest difference.

BR, Liquid

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