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 by: Bastati
[Round 1] Hentai: Tsumamigui 3 The Animation Music: DJ Bazuka - I love Bitches [Round 2] Hentai: Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen Music: DJ Bazuka - Diskoteka [Round 3] Hentai: Toshi Densentsu Series Music: DJ Bazuka - ? [Round 4] Hentai: Koutetsu no Majo Annerose Music: Nero - Satisfy [Round 5] Hentai: Shoujo Tachi no Sadism The Animation Music: Megacore - Boobs [Round 6] Hentai: Rin x Sen + Ran -> Sem: Cross Mix Hentai: Ran->Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori Music: Karpe-DM - Fuck Me Im Famous [Round 7] Hentai: Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Music: Panty Stocking with Gaterbelt - Schranz Chase


Great work! thx :)
P.S. The name of music in 3rd round is  Croatia Squad – The D Machine

Matjooraat (not verified)

As usual you have masterfully created another masterpiece. The choice of hentai, music, and editing are all perfect. Thank you for sharing this work of art with us. You always seem to increase the standard for what a good Fap Hero and even  a Cock Hero should.

Snake (not verified)


long dick johnson (not verified)



Wopai (not verified)

Sir, you did an amazing job. If I prepared myself for this FH, I don't I could've make it past the last rounds.
This is what a call a challenge. Sure, I will take upon the challenge again. 
Thanks for everything, you're one hell of an amazing creator. I'm looking forwards to see your works, FH or not related. (Plz, never stop making FH, even if the next one is in One year)

bo1994 (not verified)

im glad people enjoy this

for me, this wasn't fun, unusual for bastati
didn't really like hentai, music or the fast double or tripple time, just nice editing, as usual
mb it's good to try something new tho

to me, any other piece you made is harder
i'm a bit dissappointed because i thought, it's a flop, but hey, comments seem positive
gotta deal with it :(

bo1994 (not verified)

*actually round 1 and 2 are decent to me

chaboy (not verified)

big letdown as i loved the first round but as the rounds went on it went more into the things that really turn me off such as monsters, which there wasnt a warning for at the beginning of the video. Also imo you used all the good looking hentai in the first round :/

Robin (not verified)

nice christmas gift :3


Shigure (not verified)

Soooo Guuuuud~~~

Bastati San is the one true master

love you (not verified)

I Win, but im so sad.plz, don't leave us, keep making fh,plz

love you (not verified)

I Win, but im so sad.plz, don't leave us, keep making fh,plz

DIZZY (not verified)

All rounds are amazing, the only thing i missed was the host.

I won on my first go and it was very nicely edited. Thanks for all the faps, Bastati. Hope whatever you plan on doing in the future is amazing too. I'd rather you not stifle your creativity by doing something you don't feel like you want to do anymore but if you could maintain some influence in the community, that'd be pretty neat.

Anon (not verified)

IMO its worse than pendulum\fools hero. Not every beat\move synched, edit not that good, no breaks. Maybe overused hentai sourses and music which dont give any atmosphere to rounds is subjective feeling. But i kinda wait that FH whole year you know ? And its not the best what you made so far. Maybe you will drop all of this becource of life things, but it will be sad to admit, what you leave not on good point. (Especialy when you best FH autor IMO)

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm guessing you're ending it due to the Patreon crackdown that's been going on I take i

mrabbit (not verified)

Just the right time when I need fast beat tempo.

Robin (not verified)

Screw you guys. This is art. Man i love how hard and straight forward this is build. +1

I was looking into the loli and witch stuff but i didn't even get there on my first ... 4 tries? it always ended in round 1/2. The 2x i lost in round 3. Every cum was fun. And i never 'mained' a faphero that long, but i really want to go further and see what else is in this beatiful candy which refills itself everytime you open it.


Thanks for playing! I love you all! I need to move on but see you on the field Hero! Thanks for the support, thanks for waiting and thanks for everything you have given me really!

yaboihitthat (not verified)

If you watch this at exactly 11:18:03PM on new years eve, you'll be able to cum harder than the FBI can bust a lolicon and I think thats a great way to start the new year.

anon (not verified)

30 fps btw 

slick (not verified)

 wow just wow one of the best 


Anonymous (not verified)

Left my lil' fapper tingling at the end. This was great, right up there with my favorites of yours. Even if you don't have a patreon anymore, I still support you at heart with whatever you do next!

Realize (not verified)

Yo if the issue is you can't keep your patreon up because of the nature of the content you produce, realize what other patreon users are doing...

luis vazquez (not verified)


Lil'Hero (not verified)

Barely passed the second round xD good fab thank you

hello (not verified)

my arm got sore af long before i came lmao

shamsiel shahar (not verified)

The cum round was way to slow in the beginning.

but a good fap hero

Player (not verified)

What is the outro song?

ThatGuy (not verified)

Well this is it guys. It pAinz me to say this, but it's the end of an Era! I wish we could turn back the Pendulum; back to the days when a young Bastati was on the StarTrak to success. His popularity helped form this Fap Hero niche of ours into the Paradise of content it is today. And for that Bastati, we salute you! *members all stand at attention*

FPSMerica (not verified)

Dammit man I can’t seem to make it past round 6. Just something about that hentai. 

TropicalFeud (not verified)

I suppose it's fitting that my very first FapHero is the very first one I passed, after I watched and had experience with the other ones anyways.
I'm especially proud of this W because before I decided to retry this again, I haven't fapped for a couple days.

Anon + random n... (not verified)

Damn, first time I lose at a FH, Bastati you legend, great FH as always, well done man. U got me this time but I'll beat this challenge soon enough. Wish you the best of lucks in whatever it is you decide to do next, perhaps someday you'll sneak in another top quality FH, until then we'll be waiting with extended arms. Well played man, u won't be forgotten :) 

Spleen (not verified)

Damn, how do you people last 41 minutes straight?

pawlybeans (not verified)

Holy heck, I need that mix of "I Love Bitches" from the first round!
Also, I can't seem to find a signup option on the site. >.>

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