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HMV & Chill

Very good work!

Anonymous (not verified)


Anonymous (not verified)

Nice work! My only gripe is that the last round is too easy.

Just a Guy pass... (not verified)

As first try is a nice work,the only problem is that it seems a 1-1 normal mode all along, it has very little variation (i don't understand why only round 10 has the right kind of mixed rhytm n beats )

Anonymous (not verified)

People.. Please... PLEASE NEVER PUT THOSE POORLY ANIMATED H-GAME-LIKE LOOKING BITCHES TOGETHER WITH PROPER HENTAI... kills the boner every time... and just looks very out of place

Anonymous (not verified)

Damn, this got me cumming like a little girl. Good work!

Anonymous (not verified)

very nice but... cum round is not enough. sound, timer etc

Anonymous (not verified)

coulda done without 4 shitty rap song + regge in a row

Anonymous (not verified)

What's the fap hero during the intro, I can only find the first fap hero

Anonymous (not verified)



Anonymous (not verified)

What's the name of piano music in the end of the video ?

anonymous (not verified)

Anyone know the faphero in the intro with the heart beatbar? can't find it anywhere

Lemon (not verified)

Theres another HMV that uses that "Let me Think About It" song. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?


Anonymous (not verified)


BLANKHENTAIZERO (not verified)

Does anyone knows which fap hero it is at 1:00 in the intro?

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