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Project Chain

So since there already is Project Endurane FH I think this project would be good called Project Chain.
Basically the idea is to consequently play several FH games in a row until you cum.

I tried this two times. First one was a bit longer ago so I do not remember correctly but I do remember it was 3 FH long with me lossing at the middle of Belissimo. I think one of the two that were chained to it was Pandeon Zwei but I am not sure.


Today I did a better job of keeping score.
Started with
Fxxkin Hero->Super Fap Hero Turbo->Hell->Project Endurance where I lost at the end of the Monmusu quest part slightly after 1h 3mins.

Anybody up for trying Project Chain as well?

Sometimes I do that without wanting it, in fact it's just that I play a FH but I don't want to cum, even in the cum round, so I play another one to cum but I'm bored of playing FH so I end up playing a cum rounds without restaining myself.
multiple FH is far too long IMO :3

How the hell did you manage to hold out so long? I have to give you props. Well either that or I'm outta shape.

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