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Some tips for creators

I may not be a fap hero creator myself and I just registered on the forums*, but I played plenty of fap heroes and have a lot of experience with other rhythm games**, both playing and creating. That's why I wanted to share some tips/comments I had about how a fap hero, in my opinion, should/should not be like. Some may disagree with me and I know that when you know what you're doing all rules are meant to be broken, but I'd like to help new creators avoid some pitfalls that may make an otherwise great fap hero mediocre at best.

*I actually registered just to post this.

**I know fap heroes aren't strictly rhythm games, but most of the same principles apply.

So, here we go:

1) Syncing is crucial. While it may not be as important as in actual rhythm games, where a bad sync basically means a failed attempt from the start, even a few misplaced sounds may add confusion for the player and break the mood. After you finish everything, make sure to check that everything is still in sync. If you don't have a good rhythmic ear, you can ask someone who does(some people even notice a 0.01s difference).

2) While syncing the music is important, matching the BPM does not make it match the music yet. The beats need to follow the flow of the music to sound good. If the music is monotonic, the beats should be regular. If the music is lively and changes pace, the beats should do the same. If the music slows down, so should the beats. I saw many fap heroes where I felt as if the music and the beats had nothing in common besides the BPM and that takes away most of the enjoyment out of playing.

3) Music preference is subjective, so I'm not gonna comment on that. However, before deciding on a track, try to plan how you're going to map it. The whole track, not just fragments. If you don't have a solid plan on how the beats will go before starting, you will most likely end up with forced beats that don't seem to match the music at all. Also, when selecting the track, keep in mind that it is best that the rhythm is easy to hear. Otherwise even if the beats match the music's tone, it may be hard for the player to follow which gives a similar result to out-of-place beats. One hack for such a situation is to add sounds in the music on the moment of your beats. I call it a hack but it actually works pretty well and never really hinders, so I encourage it full-heartedly.

4) Sometimes, very varied rhythms are interesting to play, if you can follow them. That is true for most rhythm games. However, in a fap hero, the main focus should be on the p0rn, not the music. That is why before selecting some music with a complicated rhythm, like some dubstep, and applying the beats accordingly, try to think whether the player will be able to focus on fapping at all while following your beats. It is sometimes very easy to lose the mood due to an over fitting beat, or even get soft. Of course, composing a fap hero only from monotonic beats is also boring, so try to find some gold spot in the middle.

5) Remember the limits of the human body. I often saw creators do series of super fast beats, 2-3 per second, trying to make the moment hard to do without cumming. The result, however, was often that my hand hurt when trying to follow it which didn't excite me one bit and only lessened the experience. I know the faster->harder implication is usually true, but do remember that while the brain can process things very fast, muscles have a limited speed and can get cramps if overused.

6) Aside from the music, try to make the scenes fit as well. This is usually done well, but one thing that often annoyed me a bit is when the scene shifts every few seconds or so. Sometimes it matches a rapidly shifting beat, but it makes me hard to follow it with my penis' eye, if you know what I mean. Hard to get aroused by something if it's gone by the time you realize what you're looking at.

7) While most of the fap heroes here have beatbars and many fap heroes without them were also recognized positively, the beatbar really adds a lot to the experience. For one thing, without the beatbar you can never be sure you're fapping the way the author intended, making it more of a fap-fest than a game. Quirks like edge round also never appealed to me since there are many ways in which an 'edge' can be understood, which makes the round able to be interpreted in numerous ways and a fap hero, IMO, isn't about deciding when and how to fap but being told to. The aesthetics of the beatbar are also to take note of, since that is the place that will be looked at during the whole fap hero and the moment of the beats should be exactly visible.

8) Sometimes it's the details that matter and some people have different preferences for them. I, for example, very like when the movement in the scene also matches the rhythm. Some people mentioned they like to have some additional audio(moans, speech etc.) besides the music, though I personally don't like it. There are also numerous ways to be creative about making your own fap hero, like adding a story to it, making the beats color coded or making a customized beatbar. It is your creation so do anything you feel would suit it best and be proud of it.

Also, I have a few comments about other players' comments:

1) The person that made the fap hero spent at least a few hours on it, pouring their heart into it. Even if you don't like it, at least try to respect them. You may say you didn't like it, say what you didn't like about it but calling it trash just because it didn't suit your preferences and not giving any concrete arguments is just being an asshole and you will be taken as one.

2) When reviewing the fap hero, try to be more objective instead of focusing on whether you liked the music or did it match your specific requirement(like adding audio, for example). Of course, those kind of reviews are still worth of notice, as long as you follow the previous point.

PS: If this post gets some support, I will edit in some examples to illustrate my points. I am also open to suggestion for other tips to be added, as there are many things I could have overlooked which may be important.

thank you very much.
this is positive posting. not only idea, but to forum.

Must-read for new and potential future creators. I try to abide by most of these already, but noted nonetheless.

I believe that "some support" is an understatement.   but I shall give you the words in hopes that you can understand the gratitude I have for this post.    SOME SUPPORT.

0.01s? you mean 0.001s right?
as an osu player/mapper I can tell that 10ms is not that small, I usually tune my rythm by 6~4ms, maybe I'm totally wrong somewhere?

to stay inside the topic: imo the beat bars shouldn't be invasive and should be extremely easy to read (I mean high contrast and simple shapes), because you do want to keep your eyes on the action ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
be creative! who the fuck tells that a beatbar HAVE TO be at the botom and the beats coming from the right to the left? (and who tells that the rythm have to be told by a beatbar?)

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