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FlowerArrangement (not verified)

Nice! Well editted and great choice of material used. Relentless beats with no real 'rest' in between makes it a struggle to finish the whole thing without losing. All the best in the competition!

a (not verified)

no countdown, downvoted kek

Beau (not verified)

Sugerido por javiergil23 el 11.01.2012 a las 18:26h.

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a(1) (not verified)

no countdown, no hentai audio at the end or at least some moans... only music wasted my time.. 

Anonymous (not verified)

wow new FH from new author, exciting!

content\sync - OK

beatbar - slow, lazy.

finished it from first time, easy, but hey, I have a desire to replay it again someday.

*and I liked thumbnail\logo\preview picture pretty much, respekta to CG artist1

Kind of mixed comments.  People telling to make the beats simpler and some telling to make it more difficult.  My next one will be more complex.  You can sample it on the sub reddit, but i only have two scenes so far (plus its loli content).

Count down... eh i'll think about it.  The reason i like music only is because the tracks i select usually have some vocals in it this time around.  I prefer music over added vocals, but i'll consider that as well.. thanks for commenting

Anonymous (not verified)

music is so good, that i'm backing to it again and again.

also edging parts are good too.

I feel like you need to work on going with the music. Some parts seemed completely off-sync, like the part beginning in the 14th minute. In other parts while the sync was ok, the beat completely didn't match the feel of the music. I had the impression as if you just took random beat patterns and inserted them without even hearing the music that is to accompany them. If you need to, try to look at other fap heroes or even some rhytm games and see how the beats can match the music to make it feel whole.

While I don't want to force you to use any specific type of music, the issue above may be partly due to the fact that the tracks you selected aren't very rhythmic to being with. It's hard to fap to the beat when the music is more about the ambient than a lively beat.

I also feel like edge and freestyle parts are a waste of space and a sign the author didn't have a good idea how to map that part, but that may not always be true.

Overall, before working on a new project I'd suggest trying to rework this one into something worthwhile because at this point I didn't even bother playing it till the end since I got bored pretty fast. Instead of fapping to the music, I felt like I was just fapping and the music happened to be playing in the background.

Anonymous (not verified)

music is well adjusted & mixed, it continue play in my head after days, after days, after days. Specially i liked first 9 mins! I luv phantom_fapper <3 ! if this not 1st place, it should be second IMHO.

haters gonna hate.

cons :

- wish more agressive beatbar \ edging

- final round expected to be better, with multiple cumspots\countdowns, like look at straeH esreveR 19m. 

Anonymous (not verified)

The video is dead

Anonymous (not verified)

anyway, phantom_phapper, dear, I'm fappin last monthes only to your FH! you are the winner of my heart, I consider this FH perfect , could you please make some more?
the music mix, edging, monster girls and everything seems perfect

Anonymous (not verified)

What happened to this video? Is it not loading for anyone else?

Anonymous (not verified)

Where's the video, my guy? You gonna do anything about this? I thought this had a shitton of views because it's good, but I guess it's actually because of dudes refreshing the page in desperation.

Anonymous (not verified)

2018 , video still unavailable

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