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Diva -High Priestess-
 by: N

Feedback:  This is one of my favorites in terms of source material, but one of my least favorites in terms of editing.  The beatbar and its sync to the music are well implemented, but there's little connection to what's going on in the video.  Good example is around the ~30-35min mark.  The music and beatbar are chilling way out while the hentai scenes are reaching their climax, and they kind of cancel each other out.  Since the animation also generally isn't synced to the beatbar, the end result is mostly just like watching the scenes with music in the background -- which is unfortunate because I'm sure more work went into it than that.  Syncing animation to beats I'm sure is also more work, but I find it goes a long-long way to tying everything together.  Even if it's something as simple as timing cuts with transitions in the music.  Then you don't have to lean on things like the zoom effect (which is okay in moderation, but is greatly overused here) to try to tie the video to the beatbar and music.

Anyway, I feel like I spent a lot of words shitting on your work but I hope it comes off as constructive.  For what it's worth I played all three of these and enjoyed them.  :)  If you make more of them I highly recommend revisiting the source material used in this one at some point to unlock its full potential.

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