Mr Cunilingus

@Will I have completed Poison but after uploading it to PH it was flagged, still have no clue as to why. Anyway once I can upload vids on here, I will endevour to get Poison on here if it's OK with Psychosplash. :)

Busy man I guess :/
Mr Cunilingus

Hi Psychosplash, can I be added to the Creators list? Also how do I upload video's?

Just wanted to say thanks mates
Any chance the videos will work on phones?
Soooo when will Fap hero "poison" gonna be shown

The Goldie has arrived, im loving this page more and more, its great

Mr Cuni
Hi everyone! Mr Cunilingus here, thanks for thinking of us! Sadly my PH account got shut down due to multiple flags by the PH community over Poison. Not sure why it was flagged. If possible I'd like to upload it here, of course I'd clear it with Psychosplash first. I will upload the Interview here once I'm registered. Sadly no more vids on PH. Sorry! Also Psychosplash I have registered on here again with a new E-mail address which is correct this time! Sorry about the mix up!
I'd also like to know what happened to Mr Cunilingus. His account went down shortly after Fap Hero Poison got posted on his PH page. I managed to download it before it went down but won't post it out of respect. Hopefully he's alright.

hey, anyone know what happened to Mr Cunilingus?
His PH page got taken down recently, was looking forward to his next video.

15% Progress on Darkness... won't be finished in 1 or 2 months I guess? Can we have ETA for faphero making guide?


Video commenting section and a way to search through videos or at least have all the titles on one page for a quick CTRL+F would be nice additions to the site.

Looking great!

just played 7 Fucks given. one of few videos I can actually beat
Mr Cunilingus
Hey! The E-Mail is :)
Nice! a fap hero website!
This might be a little bit too time consuming to implement, it would be cool to add a difficulty rating to all the videos. Maybe one from whoever currates the site and another handeled in the same way as the heats user rating system.

will add it to the todo list.

Mr Cunilingus
Hey tried to sign up but sadly I gave you the wrong E-Mail. Will let you know what it is if you can make contact with us on here or on PH. Thanks for making this site looks really cool! Also I have a new challenge coming up for you guys in the next few weeks! ;)

just post the email here and i will remove it. then you can try again

Fap hero fanatic
Man all these new fap heros are way too darn easy. You guys either nail some rounds with a strong fat bass that that's easy to stroke harder that's in sync with the video or have these really shitty no beat weird tracks that suck to fap's fine to reuse good tracks. Also the reward round should be challenging like really fast similar to reverends test hero subject or bastati and someone else's collab with that twintailed blonde chick as the host 2nd last round. A lot of the newer material is really vanilla and you have to understand if you've been stroking it somewhat fast, making another somewhat fast cum round or challenge round isn't going to do shit, you need to make it similar to a really high interval based challenge. I thought fap hero was like a game where you would struggle to get through and possibly play multiple times to beat but the newer ones are just way too easy and you barely touch them after you're left disappointed.

Darkness will be something for you :)

What the of all anime for cock hero era plese
Pls :D
Can someone still post these vids on pornhub because some of us viewers use our phones and some of us can't watch on this website :/

that's up to the individual creators to do.
as for videos not working on mobiles.. look up webm playback for your phone and see if there arent a plugin or hack for your browser

Will this be mobile friendly

at some point i hope i can do it.
for now the videos should be able to play on all android devises.
for apple you need a webm hack and for windows phone i have no clue how to make it work.


hello im a fan of this little crotch game. may i ask if there will be a project for fetish like (tentacle,lolicon,continuous copulation,bukakke and etc) on ultra hardcore mode. i am really looking for a long running challenge.

Fap Hero - Darkness by me and Vladimoto will have some of these
It will also contain music by my alter ego "MooseMan" and The Enigma TNG
Last round music:
Other rounds by:

I ended here by of the best mistakes I have made.
Plz add video sorting by newest ;)

sadly that wont work.. not yet. most of the videos are missing the release date on them.
if anyone can supply a comprehensive list i can add the date so you can sort by date.


Hey guys, long time player and lurker and attempting to create for the first time, hope one day I can make great FHs like you guys. Keep up the awesome work!


IT IS I, PRODIGAL SON HAS RETURNED. Psycho, Nightmare, Sax, Bastati and all other creator, I have sinned, I turned my back on Fap Hero and indulged Myself in MMD. But now Im back, humbled and asking for forgivnes.

FH connoisseur
Where did you guys learn to make these? What software do you creators use?

I will be adding the tutorial section soon.
It will tell you all about the software :)

Love all you creators <3 Thanks you for everything
The one word to describe this website is:potential. Keep up the good work.

Boi, if I ever get a decent PC I might start making my own fapheroes, because in this laptop I've got pretty much no rendering speed. Meanwhile I shall enjoy all this great content.


NIGHTS unblock me!!! :(:(:(

I didn't understand the minigame part but i reallly liked test subject
Great job guys! Love being able to find this all in one place

Neat website, let's stroke our cocks and become heroes

Thanks for making this site! Been looking for something that compiles Fap Hero videos for a while now. good job!
Is it possible to implment spacebar pausing on the video player? I know we aren't meant to pause, but being able to pause quickly is always nice, espically to get the time for how long we lasted.

I will look in to this. can't promise anything though.

We need mobile player version! Atm dont work on any mobiles

let me guess... Iphone?
should work fine on all devises except iOS and OSx.
it's a html5 player using webm as it's source.

for apple users there is a hack to get this to work.


christ i have autism


Hello! If you mean the end of the whole video (Minigame: Cum round part), the animation is from Mantis-X ;)


Does anyone know what's the name of the animation/game at the very end of Revered's 'FH - Test Subject'?

I know this might not be the place to ask questions, but there is no option for making a comment on the video page.


this is exactly the place to ask my friend :)
I dont know the answer but i will get a hold of Reverd right away


Hey there :)
Maybe that's a stupid question, but where are we supposed to sign in ? :p


nice work cant wait to see more new work here.
and maybe some of my own. :D


I now have a guestbook set up.
Needs some css but his will be a good place to just say stuff.

Add guestbook entry

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