Mr Cunilingus

@lazvegas I'm sure we'll see a site update soon. Also here's a new FH from Nanashi! :D


i am still waiting for a new web update and a new FH :(


the site should be updated very soon

I like this site and all but it always seems so dead. Like there is never any progress or anything new. -The "Ongoing Projects" seem like they never get updated. -Its rare that any new video is posted -The features on the site are lack luster. Like why isn't there even a sort by DATE in the video tab it seems like such a basic option. -The "news" is like no news. There is no date stamps on the news telling anyone just when they were posted. Even so there isn't even regular updates telling people what is going on.
site dead,yet?
Some friend recomended to me the FH format, and I must say it's a great way to kill some time.

'Sup people. Love the site and love the idea of FH.

I discovered FH a while back at random with Bastati being my first experience (I think in '15 because I found out before I moved and I moved in Dec '15).

I have two question:
Any quality anal or kink oriented FH around?

Is there such a thing as "original Fap hero" or "First Known/released Fap hero?"

Please upload poison

Rating system seems a bit wonky. Often times after voting, the vote cast displayed is inacurate. I'll vote two and it'll show 3, or I might vote 5 and it'll display 4 instead.

chromosome expert
Jesus christ it would take someone like nights who is missing a few chromosomes to make such an autistic faphero like that MMD video. No clue what I just watched and I'm sure whoever watched it probably collectively became more stupid as a result.
Mr Cunilingus

@Ed This is mine which is called the interview:
Here's the follow up Poison, which for some reason is now back on PH!
Also check out Sax, The collab a fools hero, Bastati's Pendulum, Nanashi's Final faptasy, Tree89's Holy Grail collab this should keep you busy for a while! ;)

I've got a bit of a short fuse. I like gap heroes with a host and a story. Got any sugestions for me? Thanks Ed
Mr Cunilingus

Mitarai Yuuna from Starless is getting a figure by Daiki!

Getting close to finish? The update
You would have to include pachelbel canon in d!!! *ba dum chhh*
Mr Cunilingus

@MusicChoice Well I said to @duren I wouldn't do one but if there's interest it would be an strange one to make! lol @PsychoSplash, @Bastati and all other FH creators you up for adding a classical music FH to your repertoire!?

Mr Cunilingus

@duren Well this is some interesting feedback! I will try to lay off too much ramping it up. I will say that when I played through I barely made it to the end, I thought by making it faster with more and more doubletime it would make it more challenging! I guess it did but I didn't count on numbness setting in so I'll try to be a bit more open minded on the next one. I've already decided should I do another one that is long in length it won't have as much doubletime in it. What I'm planning next should prove to be a lot more interesting, well hopefully!

Thanks! Next one I will most likely go back to the VN style, my idea for Poison was to have a video clip stop and then the character starts to talk to you to try and bring you more into the that world, I didn't want to overuse this though as I thought it would become stale so hence I used it now and then to keep interest peaked. Seems weird to say this buy when masturbating it gets kinda boring just rubbing one out with your right so when I started working on the interview I wanted to add in as much variety as possible to make the viewer have more of a challenge. I gleaned ideas from other FH'S and CH'S to see what other kinds of methods they include, next one will have some new stuff too! ;)

I see your point, I'll have to think about this a lot more as sadly I do not have any means to create a beat bar, as much as I'd love to add one. Text changing sounds like a good idea, may incorporate that. I will think about new people playing though as I had already been through the level(s) on numerous occasions to check them hence I was used to the song, so not too much issue for me but yeah if you're new you may have a few problems. Will try to rectify this. :)

I usually go with the drum patterns, long guitar riffs were either breaks or edging depending on song. I see how you found it confusing will also think about an easier way to explain these too.

Glad you found some enjoyment in it! :D I honestly myself don't think it was as good as the interview, maybe because of the rock music but like I said it was an experiment, so it's good to get some creative feedback to help me in the future. :) Thanks! :D

Mr Cunilingus

Surprised to see that Q Six are bringing out a Saki figure from marshmallow Succubus!

Good Fap hero website
I would love a clasical music gap hero! Bonus points if it includes classy/well dressed individuals in the visuals. Props to all you creators!
Hello :)



Sorry for the harsh first-impression, I gave it another try tonight and enjoyed it a lot more then I
thought. As I mentioned, not a huge fan of the rock genre in this sorta thing, but it definitely picked as
the video went on. I edged a bit on my own before playing, as the main reason I was turned off on my first
attempt was because I couldn't reach the early edges. I was able to make it to the last round, but didn't
beat it (the first 2 handed doubletime got me). I would say I didn't care for the pacing in this one as
much (constant ramp-up) because while it sounds good from a game/design perspective, for me it peaked at
the 7th round and then I started to go numb during the doubletimes. There was also not as much surprise as
to what was going to come next - more speed! (the hand switching still kept it interesting though). One
part during the eighth round had a left handed doubletime which I couldn't keep up with at all without
moving my right hand at the same time (I have the ambidexterity of a t-rex on a unicycle). I swear I must
have looked like a retard and almost farted from laughing (ok, maybe I did).

I liked the host, I thought you wrote a great script - not overly cheesy or dramatic, but enough to set
the mood and guide the fantasy. The in-between round segments were a good length to rest for a bit without
losing momentum, although I did prefer the character focused intro's from Interview; for ex. "let's see
how well you do with a tight young virgin" opposed to a thematic "let's see how well you handle the
infirmary" sorta thing. There seemed to be more mid-round taunting to off-set it though - which is great!
Pretty much my favorite part of your videos is the mid-round directions (hand switching, palming etc.)
which really add another layer of pleasure/challenge. In the same vein, I love that you include the
original hentai audio moans during the tougher parts.

Main nitpick - I found it hard to predict when the beat changes would occur (though it gets better on
future play-throughs once I'm familiar with the song). This wasn't such a big deal in Interview, but Poison seems to have much more changes happening. Supermokkori's Stroker Ace tackles this problem without a beat meter pretty well by having the beat text change appear in advance, then change color as the beat changes. I'm an egghead when it comes to video editing, so I'm not sure how feasible this would be though.

There's also some beat patterns that I found pretty confusing as well, for ex. "121-1 then back to 1-1"
from the first round. The way it's written, my guess would be the "back to 1-1" part is in time with the
drums, and the "12" would be the guitar riff (?). Usually just wing it if I'm not sure, but kinda feels
like cheating.

Overall though, I think I prefer the video without a beatbar / audible beat sounds, it's much less
distracting and promotes following the rhythm over hand-eye coordination. My favorite rounds would be the
whole block from Nightmare up to the 8th (don't think I'll play that one with a straight face for awhile). Looking forward to playing it again. Thanks for sharing and my bad for jumping to conclusions earlier.

Mr Cunilingus

@duren Duly noted! :) As I explained I went for rock purely for the guitar hero vibe, also I chose songs that kind of still have a sexy vibe to them, Hot For Teacher, Diamond In The Rough, Closer etc are all about sex I decided that they would be a cool choice. Did you not like the Instrumental night mare round? Anyway this was the only one I was doing with rock/metal music, as it was more of an experiment for me to see if people would like it with a different type of music, I have played a Cock hero before which used metal music and was actually pretty awesome, I may change music styles again in the future but you'll be pleased to know I'm not doing a classical music fap hero!!! :P My next ones will be shorter with tougher rounds with similar music to the interview. :)


Man I feel kinda bad for saying this since you probably put a lot of work into it,
but I didn't really care for the music choice in this one. Not to say I don't like rock, it
just doesn't scratch the same itch fapping-wise, compared to electronic/dance/whatever. I
played through till the 3rd round then switched to another video. Later on I skimmed through
it, and it seems like everything I liked about Interview is still there (the continuation of the
story was a nice touch), so I definitely will give it another shot. Who knows, maybe it'll
grow on me. In any case, thank you for sharing.

Mr Cunilingus

@duren Great to hear you was able to get it, would love to hear some feedback. :) I will say I went for rock/metal music for it as I was thinking that the whole idea of fap hero is (like it say's on the main page here) it's like guitar hero but with genitals! So I thought like a setlist on the game I would build up the music to the extreme, I was tempted to add 'are you sure you want to play the last round?' bit which if you've got that far you'll understand why! Guitar Hero is supposed to become more challenging as it goes on so with Poison I was going for that hence the fast song at the end, also that tied with the story for the fact you/the main guy are poisoned and your body is succumbing to it. Would be interesting to know if anyone has actually managed to complete it as the final round it a wrist breaker! XD Anyway hope you liked it. :)

I forgot to mention another important sorting function, and that is "video upload date" sorting by newest to oldest and vice-versa. Also a function to change the maximum number of results are displayed per search page.
Also, when sorting by title or creator, add a letter list to the top and/or bottom of the page (preferably add). That way we can click on a letter and it will take us to a page with titles starting with that letter. Do the same thing for creators. Duration could have a time range filter like PH has. Perhaps a way to use multiple filters at once.
I think it would be good to be able to sort by video duration on the videos page. Perhaps also, if you get someone to "test" all the videos, then you could also sort by difficulty. Also, having date stamps in this guestbook would be a good idea. I have no idea how old these other comments are. Perhaps you could add a forum. Posted Jan 23, 2017.
been playin the FH's for a while now. Someone needs to make a FH that accentuates the idea that the rounds are happening to you. like a VR FH or something. Also i play FH's stoned and it is the best combination, you can last longer, the music sounds awesome, and at least with me it feels way more immersive. the first FH i tried stoned was Pendulum when it first came out. woah.. seriously give it a try if you can. shit is the cashest. Based creators, may the muses ever inspire you to greater fap heroes.
As for the "cum twice"idea, it would be funny if there was an intermission with an anthropomorphic female tissue box striking a pose to give the player a chance to clean up before going on to the second part.

thanks for the tip, was able to get it at without a vpn (url for anyone else interested: Looking forward to playing it!

Mr Cunilingus

@Will Yeah, he does seem to be a busy guy! I can understand though as he's trying to do a new FH and of course run this site and i'm sure IRL stuff too! So I can understand why he hasn't got back me yet. Anyway I have found out that Poison is still up on PH but not available in this country, so if you use Hola internet unblocker with Chrome you can change over to browsing in Japan and you can watch it that way, if you can't wait for me to upload it here, along with a No host version. :)

Hi, in the next videos add the cum twice challenge please
@Mr Cunilingus I understand I'm taliking about psychosplash he busy I'm guessing
Mr Cunilingus

@Will I have completed Poison but after uploading it to PH it was flagged, still have no clue as to why. Anyway once I can upload vids on here, I will endevour to get Poison on here if it's OK with Psychosplash. :)

Busy man I guess :/
Mr Cunilingus

Hi Psychosplash, can I be added to the Creators list? Also how do I upload video's?

Just wanted to say thanks mates
Any chance the videos will work on phones?
Soooo when will Fap hero "poison" gonna be shown

The Goldie has arrived, im loving this page more and more, its great

Mr Cuni
Hi everyone! Mr Cunilingus here, thanks for thinking of us! Sadly my PH account got shut down due to multiple flags by the PH community over Poison. Not sure why it was flagged. If possible I'd like to upload it here, of course I'd clear it with Psychosplash first. I will upload the Interview here once I'm registered. Sadly no more vids on PH. Sorry! Also Psychosplash I have registered on here again with a new E-mail address which is correct this time! Sorry about the mix up!
I'd also like to know what happened to Mr Cunilingus. His account went down shortly after Fap Hero Poison got posted on his PH page. I managed to download it before it went down but won't post it out of respect. Hopefully he's alright.

hey, anyone know what happened to Mr Cunilingus?
His PH page got taken down recently, was looking forward to his next video.

15% Progress on Darkness... won't be finished in 1 or 2 months I guess? Can we have ETA for faphero making guide?


Video commenting section and a way to search through videos or at least have all the titles on one page for a quick CTRL+F would be nice additions to the site.

Looking great!

just played 7 Fucks given. one of few videos I can actually beat
Mr Cunilingus
Hey! The E-Mail is :)
Nice! a fap hero website!
This might be a little bit too time consuming to implement, it would be cool to add a difficulty rating to all the videos. Maybe one from whoever currates the site and another handeled in the same way as the heats user rating system.

will add it to the todo list.


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