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Fap Out!
 by: nanashi
My entry for the upcoming contest. Done in 2 weeks. Have fun!

Honestly, I think that the succubus part was better in pendulum. I dont like the music in this one. (In pendulum its part 3 with succubus). Welp im on my way, se ya

What is the source for the last 3 clips at 42:56 in the final reward round?

babangida (not verified)

This yellow beats thing is actaully good idea, its like new gameplay element and it works well. You chose good songs and good beatmap them, good luck at contest.

there is a faphero contest?

Anonymous (not verified)

So very well done, I like the yellow beat concept and the EXTREME QUALITY brat bar I've NEVER seen one so we'll done I also really liked the boss hp bars I NEED MOAR OF THIS!!

gman (not verified)

The best one so far. The orange beats are awesome, the bosses are a bit cheesy but really enjoyable. Nice work!

FapHeroFan383828 (not verified)

Even the succubus part was a piece of cake.

Awesome work! My Dicktari is very thankfull

bo (not verified)

i played until 2nd boss round
boss rounds are amazing and super high quality content, the other rounds are bad imo

Omg thank you for making such wonderful edits 9_9

Anonymous (not verified)

Amazing job

Anonymous (not verified)

well this is a great one, could be already considered FH classics, music\content\beatbar == perfect, (however I wish there was more futa\shota\trap).
so yeah, definetely perfect rounds\beats, I came 3 times trying to finish it, first time unable to finish and came on 35%, second time at 60% 

bo (not verified)

after watching all the other submits for the conest, for me this is by miles and miles the only one that can be considered good

Anonymous (not verified)

Anyone know what gif set the loli succubus is in the special round?

サキュバスの夜 by CARYO.
Or, if you don't speak moonrunes, Night of the Succubus.

Anonymous (not verified)

Damn, I gave up hope that you'd bring back the petite succubus after the end of the countdown :c

Anonymous (not verified)

I have tried for the last 3 days to beat Makiko & Katori, so far it's been impossible.  Will update when I beat it.  

It was awesome!

BHN lilb (not verified)

Jesus christ, the first boss fight was hot af. Misako FTW.


Utsuro (not verified)

Well, I got through just fine. I did need to concentrate a bit on my breathing

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