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Super Fap Hero Turbo
 by: RaptorFH
It's a completely new FH. Contains loli, shota, monster girls.

ty <3

shadow 21 (not verified)

What is the name of the hentai at the tutorial ? 

anon (not verified)

Where fucking Bastati's fap hero ?

konp (not verified)

for the contest? They're a judge


Spike (not verified)

The fap hero game is really cool.

The wait is worth, had a really fun time fapping to it. Good job with the icon thing you got there, and monster girls are surprisingly good. Good luck at the contest.

Excellent job

loli (not verified)

WHOOAAA, this is a powerful one! was hard to finish, good idea with powerups. don't see any cons. raptor want to have 1st place :D


Anonymous (not verified)

Oh god, new features! :O

i passed :3

Anonymous (not verified)

Excellent variety and choices. The hentai starting at 07:00 was weirdly jumped in quality but, iirc thats how it is for some reason. Not a huge fan of the gifs but excellent overall. Really glad you combined the icons, I was doing that myself early on. 

This is a direct upgrade from your original "Super Fap Hero", which was already good in the first place. Absolutely fantastic job. I also like the edit you put in to have the girls' faces visible during certain parts of the action. Loved the tasks you assigned for hard mode. Great job!

holy shit this is a masterpiece. Amazing job my guy.

Awesome job! What's the hentai with the blonde schoolgirl elf (pointy ears)? I couldn't find it in the credits.

Sadly, I didn't really like 3/5 of the circle queues. I don't have a good time really messing with my balls or nipples when I'm fapping and circular jerking can just be a chore. It actually made things easier rather than harder since I wasn't focusing on one sensation.

BaconLord (not verified)

Oxev, It's Koakuma Kanojo second episode. You're welcome.

the idea of integrating more into the FH genre was great, however placing difficulties on the video based off them can be inaccurate, as personally massaging balls and rubbing nipples do nothing for me.  as #15 said it felt more of a chore.    The circular motion i usually do on other FHs when it gets slow to increase the difficulty for my own personal experience.  however i do not wish you to stop all together in your innovation of the genre and this was certainly a good fap :P

You can do only the icons you want. I wanted to add difficulties so people didn't feel "forced" to do every single icon, in the case that they don't like some of them.

If it doesn't feel good, why are you doing it? You can either change what the icons do, or ignore some of them. I won't tell anyone.

A very nice FH. I liked the various icons, added some variety into the fapping. The scenes and music were nicely played out and I agree that the faces were a nice idea.

Some things I didn't like, though:

-some people like the moans/voices but in this case I think they were too loud, making the music barely hearable at some points

-I felt you used too many jackhammer-type beats(the very fast ones). Since I didn't find them pleasurable at all, on the contrary even, it actually made me feel like the difficulty was getting lower with each level as the amount of jackhammers increased.

-The beats in the second level felt a bit awkward for me. They kind of fit the music most of the time, but maybe just not the parts I expected. Also, its ending was just weird, is that still music?

Phantom (not verified)

I'm actually thoroughly surprised with this one, the icons and "difficulty settings" are a neat and welcome innovation from the usual, you sir deserve all the praise you get, and I look forward to seeing more of your works in the future.

Had fun ;)

question (not verified)

What's the anime (uncensored one) at 31:10? doesn't seem to be in the credits.

answer (not verified)

Figured it out: 31:10 is Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo

ThatGuy (not verified)

It got to the point where I have to pay so much attention to the beatbar and stuff, that I can't watch the hntai part :D

Dum dee dum. (not verified)

Why didn't I have discovered this website sooner?
This is such a creative and fun way to masturbate, plus I really like rythm games, so damn that was good!
Unfortunately I lost at 19:55, 'twas too hard for me.
Great game !

Anonymous (not verified)

Lost at 20:05. The beat at 19:04 was hard to follow.

xdxdd (not verified)

mfw taiko and fapping goes so well together

I had so much fun

Alonghy (not verified)

What's the anime at 1:44?

bo (not verified)

this won the contest for a reason

dont like loli or the super fast beats tho

Finally decided to give this one another go and I still kinda didn't find it hard. My balls were taut so massaging them didn't really do much and my nipples aren't really that sensative so I didn't get much out of that plus the super fast beats didn't do a whole lot.  The editing was nice but the challenge wasn't really there. The optional things just didn't affect me and the super fast beats actually took away from stimulation.

This did have great editing so I can see it winning the contest for that but I had a lot more fun with Ninza's for some reason. Oh well, fapping is different for everyone, I guess.

pickle (not verified)

" rnasterpiece "

Anonymous (not verified)

What is the one at 13:10-14:15?

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