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Summer House Party
 by: N
Anonymous (not verified)

What's the name of this song?

Anonymous (not verified)


Can you say names or warmup videos?

Take a good look, this is a prime example of what a bad Fap Hero looks like. I really wish EHN had taken the feedback seriously and worked harder to improve, but that seems to not be the case. Disappointed.

Daniel (not verified)

There is no need to say tht yo FH is bad or something. You must learn to accept every FH in its own way

Nanashi makes a fair call here as looking at 1st round alone we see a lack of consideration/care for the beat-shot composition where pacing/action on screen doen't match up to the beat of the music. While the beats themselves wasn't shoddy, that's only part of what makes a FH, you gotta look at the whole package, which in this case doesn't quite make the cut.

I generally like most Fap Heroes. But if the video is almost unedited and the beats are completely different BPM from the song, I might as well go watch the original hentai instead, as I cannot take enjoyment from it.

kimi no tamashi (not verified)

i agree to you cause this video's music, beatbar, hentai not even match up and make things weird. this beatbar is just focus on song yet the beatbar pattern is almost same. And also the song at 4 or 5 round was so slow that it should be round 1 or 2 instead.

Asiko (not verified)

you are making such a big deal over just porn LOL get a lifeboat bruh LMAO

bo (not verified)

get a lifeboat? cmon, don't be a dick, it's his buisness, he's supposed to make a big deal over it imo

also i think he is right

chronic fapper (not verified)

This should win 1st prize for that cum round alone. Holy shit. Not since the first time I discovered Era! have I actually cramped up mid gasm and fell on the floor. NAMESTE 'N' I understood what you were going for here. It's amazeballs, dont let the haters dampen your shine. You Magnificent bastard.

Anonymous (not verified)

What is the warm-up song since he doesn't say

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Nanashi here. The beatbar is rather lazy and almost goes against the pacing in the song, and the hentai is almost completely unedited. EHN does have the potential to be good, he/she just needs to put more work into their fap heroes. I believe that a good look and understanding of the criticism given would allow EHN to improve, or a thorough analysis of the fap heroes given with pointers would do too. EHN has put out four in a rather short time span, and that isn't really a good thing. Take a look at who Nanashi even says on patreon to be, essentially, the "herald" of fap hero, Bastati. He releases fap heroes several months apart from one another, but the quality is amazing. Quality over quantity, for this situation, at least. Even Nanashi is an example of this. I would suggest that you do look at the criticism, and use it to improve. Other than that, I do hope you all have a good day.

To be fair, I feel like this one is an improvement if only because it doesn't spam the zoom effect on beats.  The last two rounds also feel like the cuts jive with the music better than any of the rounds in previous videos.  s( ^_^)b

But yeah, the beats are janky in places.   Totally agree with Quantum on quality vs quantity.  My advice is to make something short -- like a single round, HMV-length -- but take your time, really focus on editing, nailing the beat track and syncing it with the music.  Beats don't have to be fancy or complicated to be good, they just have to line up with major rhythms in the song.  Some editors seem to be percussion majors who like to crank out crazy complex beats... but like, I'm just playing with my junk, not trying out for drum line.  Keep the beats simple and polish polish polish the sync, editing, etc.

See. Our friend above, sillycon, (nice pun, by the by) understands. It doesn't have to be beautiful. All that most are looking for with a fap hero artist is beats that go with the song, they don't have to be insanely complex or difficult, just with the song; editing to said beats, every other beat if it's fast, every beat if it's slow, preferably, or whatever type you prefer; and keeping the hentai's quality in HD, which EHN already has. Completely agree with the HMV style creation. EHN needs to make something short and simple, but polished enough to be passed off as quality work. It doesn't have to be insane for people reach orgasm, but it does need work. Make it to improve yourself, not to please others. That will improve EHN's work in the long run.

Boobs (not verified)

What the hell was that slow round in the middle. Really put me off, didn't really match with the rest of the video. Also no clue what the edge is meant to be. And the beat was off. But other than that it was OK I guess.

Anonymous (not verified)

I also thought this one was pretty bad, but when I was looking on pornhub, I found it there as well and it seems that the video here got somewhat shifted compared to the sound.

In the pornhub video:

the beatsbar does match the music. The hentai is still unedited and it probably wouldn't win the tournament anyway, but it at least seem an ok fap hero.

I saw it before on this site with the secret island fap hero by Soulball.

mrabbit (not verified)

I want to like this since your choice of musics are great but the editing and beatbar are lazy.

Trovaa (not verified)

"editing ang beatbar are lazy"

you're fucking crazy if you think that. you saying that makes you sound blind. the editing and beatbar in this are a lot better than most of the FHs with 5 stars

one lost dude (not verified)

yo does anyone know the song playing from 0:02 to 0:45 just before the warm up starts ? 

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