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straeH esreveR
List of sources:
Anonymous (not verified)

Magnificent! Definitely one of the best fapheroes I've ever seen! Great music and even greater production! Very well edited!

Anonymous (not verified)

As amazing as the entire fapherois, the beatbar a little intrusive and covers some of the scenes a little too much. That aside would love to see more of these. Great work!

Run_down (not verified)

Oh jesus, I just came for the third time today and i still cant get past round 4. You are the god of hard mode. I will never beat this on three days rest, EVER. It's amazing thank you so much for making it, I hope you make so many more that I can come back every day and find one that I have seen already but dont remember. *salute*

MaxCrocotoo (not verified)

Who is that girl in segment 10.23-10.35?

Weed (not verified)

Well done, anyone know the source from 20:17 - 22:19?

I added the list of sources from Nanaya to the description.

Weed (not verified)

Oh, thanks :)

Anonimous (not verified)

What is the source for 16:07-16:25? It's some 3D hentai, but I can't find it. It's not in the list of the sources either. It's at the end of round 3.

Anonymous (not verified)

Found it - Hatsumusu.

Krista (not verified)

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Dorie (not verified)

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Anonymous (not verified)

hey, playing first time FH from  Soulball Nanaya, and already see it as amazing one.

probably the best and coolest FH here at contest. that makes me want to check otherworks of Soul N N

expert (not verified)

19:00 round is the best, best music\hentai pick\sync! much respect 2 Souly

i'm especially coming back to this particular fh to replay that round again and again. well on poppers.

What an amazingly strong start, only to devolved into lolis. If half a Fap Hero is going to consist of lolis it might aswell go 100%.

I very much enjoyed this fap hero, though definetely a tough one. I'd like to give it a summarized review.


- the beats matched the music very well.

- the beatbar had an original aesthetic and the visual intervals between beats almost spelled out the music beforehand which was great.

- The music was very rhythmic, which made it easy to follow. I also liked it but that's very subjective.

- Nice work with the scene effect, even though there were a few time where thay may have been a bit overwhelming.


- I felt like sometimes you overfitted to the music a bit. In a rhythm game it would be good but for a fap hero it may shift the focus from fapping

- At some moments, I felt you cranked the speed a little too high. At times I physically couldn't keep up with the beats you wanted me to fap to and my hand hurt like crazy, especially on the cum round.

- While a minor issue, I agree that mixing lolis and oppais may seem like pandering to different tastes at once, which often turns out bad. I liked all of it but not everyone would.

Overall: 8.5/10

PS: I wonder if you noticed the irony of using flat chested lolis with a music focusing on breasts :P

Thanks for the comments, and yes, the irony was on purpose. Also that song is perfect for a round loli.

Bungalow Bill (not verified)

My main problem is that some of those beats are pretty damn close to impossible to keep up with. Only way I'd match that pace is if I taped an onahole to a jackhamer. 

ah this FH very very very BEST!

for sure one of the top 3 for me

Anonymous (not verified)

Holy shit the captcha for this was annoying. Anyway the best fap hero I've ever seen by so far I can't believe it, I've never seen one come even close to this. Good job man you're a legend must've taken a lot of work. My only critisism is how in the hell I'm supposed to fap that fast, like I'm literally unable to move my hand that fast, I even hit my balls trying to, hurt alot but I got through it thanks to the splendid hentai choice, Mafuyu scenes on the cum round oohhh man you know what you're doing.

If anyone knows of a FH similar to this please let me know.

Updated the FH to the newer version, that has the BB a bit lower than before.

uknown man (not verified)

That akward moment when that masterpiece is not avalieble in Poland ... :(

Classic (not verified)

Awesome work, thank you very much! Lolis for life :)

Anonymous (not verified)

I lost like 20 seconds before the end. I’m not sure why, but I thought it started off poorly, I didn’t like it much at first, it might’ve been because of the crazy rhythms that were hard to keep up with, but by like 19 minutes in I got used to the rhythms and it was really good. I didn’t find anything too fast– but it’s on the harder spectrum for sure.

One criticism I have though: at least on the first playthrough it was hard to figure out the rhythms. Maybe color-coding them would help or changing the design of the beatbar. Also the “kick” or whatever it is that indicates the beat was too low as I couldn’t hear it over the music at least some times. Basically what I’m saying is that I had some difficulty keeping up with the beatbar while looking at the hentai. Another FH that worked really well was color-coded so I didn’t have to look at the beatbar to play but it also didn’t have the crazy rhythms this one has I think so it might not help in this case.

Anonymous (not verified)

^I can’t edit above but I’m the same guy, on a rewatch I noticed one thing that put me off about the first part which is: at about 4:45 that rhythm of 3 sounds off. I’m not sure how to put it, but it’s like it’s not well-edited and it doesn’t mesh well with the music and the rest of the beat.

Mr.A (not verified)

That's very nice!

But ,what is name final song?

Anonymous (not verified)

for some reason i cant get to the list. i tried to open up the link and it said it no longer exists. halp

Rucif (not verified)

so hard in the end, thats good good loli stuff.

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