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 by: ninza
EroEuphoria (not verified)

the graphics are real good. ! Good ! My GOD ! ITS GOOD !

the sound effect just like shooting game, so fun! good job!!  

Fapper (not verified)

What hentai is that at 2:30

Kamil118 (not verified)

baka na imouto

dtd (not verified)

Good thx :)

qweasd (not verified)



anon (not verified)

this is that fap hero you release after 2 weeks becource os patreon ? ok, lets see, hope it was worth waiting

Clouffie (not verified)

Very ell doine. I lasted untill the countdown reached zero exactly at the end ^^. I could have done without the loli but that's just ,me. 5✪ 9/10

Oh a new one by Ninza - awesome! How did I miss that?

NeoNite (not verified)

I-Is that freaking "You will know our Names" in 11:11?

Anonymous (not verified)

Excellent hentai and music selection. I also really liked the beatbar. Definitely a new favorite. 

friphechop (not verified)

Best fap hero I've played in months. Excellent quality hentai selection, good editing, good beatbar sound effect. Keep it up! 

ninja (not verified)

this wasted my time.. no audio only *** music

expert (not verified)


what a huge disappointment! Ninza was my fav FH-maker, I fapped to his fh's even more than bastati's, but this one Brawl is a HUGE mistake.

Music is so worse, it makes it unfappable at ALL!!! I can't enjoy sex\trip\relax on that music. previous works were great because of NitroFun\fatRat\EDMgaming....

I liked metronome\phoenxis\new game\blue ero garden so much.

Butttt... this one Brawl - is total loser, doesn't feels like Ninza at all, defenetely worst ninza's FH, and worstest fh in the contest. 

I expected drops, beats, glitches, uplifting electro ... and I completely regret that I even tried fap to Brawl, stopped it in the middle and switched to futas for good. Even some newfags did better FH than this one.


NINZA WHYYYYYY?!??!?! WHY DID YOU AMEKE DIS TRASH?! DO you outsource your work to christian-rosk-pastor, or had brain injury?

Very nice fap hero. I really liked the beat color coding, made it much easier to focus on the hentai rather than the beatbar.

I had a feeling the sync might have been a little off at times, but by such a small margin that most people wouldn't be able to tell a difference. The beats would not seem to match the music at times if not for the added sounds which just shows that it is an effective technique.

As mentioned in the straeH esreveR review, loli content may be a hit-or-miss with some people so adding only a single round may not fit well into the rest. I personally had no problem with it but  some people could, especially since it's illegal in some countries.

As for the music, this is a subjective matter and I personally had no problem with it but apparently some other players had. I would advise them, however, to learn some manners before shit-posting something just because it didn't suit their preferences. Otherwise, instead of voicing their opinion they're only announcing their assholery.

anon (not verified)

He set it for contest ? LMAO good luck with last place.

hugh mungus (not verified)

lol i came

lalogapo (not verified)

God damn was this a great fap hero. It's sad that some of the other entries don't understand the beauty of build up and simple beats. If I focus more on trying to keep up with the beat instead of trying not to cum,  then the fap hero doesn't deliver. But this one exceeded my expectations. This  had very well timed beats,  an interesting music selection,  excellent hentai choices, and challenging levels. This was the second one I ever lost to arguably my favorite.   the only other that was close to this good was school of sin, and compared to it,  your video was high quality and the beats more intense. Very good job with this one and please please do more like it.

manic00 (not verified)

I just wanna say dude, props on the music selection. I can only handle the same club beats with women (un)subtly telling me to cum for them so many times, electric guitars and game remixes were a nice change of pace.

wonderful FH with some replayable factor.  when I find there is no new FH out there, I come to this at a faster rate.   currently struggling at 1.7x speed (the faps just get too fast).   base speed it is a super well-balanced video with good action/music sync and proper build up to the end.

AnimeNerd (not verified)

What hentai at 8:05?

Anonymous (not verified)

The color coding was great!

marsou (not verified)

stop with the kid in hentai. he make me out of the game...

@ninza I found only 6 of them, I'm pretty sure there are more but I'm lazy to run the video just for that :D (and I don't know if I should tell everyone about that)

at least your work worth it (some are hard to find, I didn't expect them to change color :o)


for the FH side though, I really liked the video samples, the musics, the beatbar, the sync between those two but sometimes the samples don't match the music IMO

but the rythm isn't too much fast/spaghetti neither boring, in short it's probably my favourite yet (over 23 other FH)

ThiccBoi (not verified)

Personally I think this is one of the best soundtracks and selection of hentai I've ever seen in faphero in awhile, don't get why so many people are only edm heads in this community

@Tror there's 11. every round have one. final round have two :)


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