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Donation page and more.

So i have decided that we need a source of income to pay for the hosting of files, homepage, database and so fourth.
The site will get a new link to a donation page that explains all the rules for donating and so on. mainly i need to cover my own ass so the danish government dosen't think i'm running a business "I'm not allowed to do that".

I'm also working on the new video section and hopefully it will be up before this weekend.
The video section will only contain Fapheros we have full Information on... Who created it, When it was released ca. and so on. this is to maintain some consistency on the site.
We won't be uploading all video at once as we need to convert them to a format that is appropriate but if anyone have a wish for any video i will put it in front of the conversion queue....
That is one odd word.. Had to look it up just to spell it.. makes no sense :P
Also.. are there any rules for when to use c instead of s... and why do you say z like a c and not zed?
Not a native english speaker :)

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