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Site update

Made a small adjustment to the view pages.
thumbnails are now popup and only load when needed. should make the whole thing load a bit faster.
this has also made the lists a bit more compact.
Next up is view selection. With thi you should be able to select if you want the current list view or an ordered thumbnail view.
I'm also working on Tags for all content but this is a little ways off still.

A lot of features are still missing or incomplete.
- (forum) Sticky topics
- (forum) wysiwyg editor
- (forum) move content that is in the wrong topic folder
- (user) private messaging
- (user) editable profile
- (user) special profiles for creators with personal tag-walls
- (video) playlist
- (video) recommendations based on what you are viewing right now
- (video) fix upload limitations.

and a lot more i cant remember right now...
I rely need a todo list of sorts.

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