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So far so good.

Can't wait until the new site fully functional! Any ideas how long I have to wait?

I also want to know!

I have no timeframe right now but new fetures will be made available every day... I hope:P

Getting a website up and running is quite easy if you do not care about how it looks or functions, but just based upon you quality of work with music, the old site, and your contributions to the FapHero community I can see this becoming a great place to frequent.

Yeah, it is easy but getting the right setup and finding the right people to moderate is probably the harder part. Not sure if this is coded completely new or it is done with pre-generated code though. I made sites before and it went well for about an year until I decide to drop it due to some reason >_

Forums are good. Greetings, fellow perverts.

no pervs here, we're all just here to appreciate fine art my dude /lol/

yos ofc X)


Hello, World!

Hi there

Excited to see everything come to fruition

@Admin I don't know how to contact you directly but do you need any help on the technical side (PHP, CSS, JS, SQL, HTTPS)? I never used Drupal but have done some web development for a couple of years now.

It's all good man. Been working with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL since 2001 more or less :)
I will maybe need some help with JS at some pont

Looking forward to what's to come

Hello o/



It would be great if the duration of the video were displayed on the list

good idea.. will add it and also number of views and comments

It would also be nice to have a list of what hentais and songs where used. And maybe genres?
Also minor bug report: Both menu items "Home" and "FapHero's" (shouldn't it be FapHeroes?) are always highlighted together (probably because both pages show the same content).

that comes much much later..
The list of hentai used and music used is the responsibility of each creator / uploader.
For now they can put this information in the description that shows under the video.

I do plan on having customization lists later but it looks like i would have to program those from scratch.. can't find any module for drupal that supports this function

Hello all. Good to see the new site is up

Everything thing seems to be shaping up quite nice. Everything works well for the PC side of things, but testing from my Note 4 is a slightly different story. First off is the 2 screen shots from my 2 monitors that I use:
Next is the portrait and landscape mode from my Note 4
Once the video is playing, the control bar will never show up again no matter what I do. I am using chrome on my phone, but testing on the stock android browser and dolphin yields the same results. Interesting enough is if I long press and hold, while using chrome on my phone, the option to download the video will appear.

I hope these aid you in making this website the best it can be.

Hi everyone! Really liking how the site is shaping up! You're doing a great job PS! :D Would be great to see a time stamp or search by duration added later for those people who want a quick/long fH! ;)

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