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Ive got some music

I've been thinking. Yes. I really have. Wait what. So. Ive got some music that i think is ideal for fap heroes. Here are some of them:
Richard Caddok - Break the Silence;
Nitro Fun - Checkpoint;
Muzzy - Crescendo ( ft. MYLK );
Slushii - Emptiness;
Tokyo Machine - Fight;
Conro - On My Way Up ( its slow at the start but the drop is perfect );
LVTHER - Some Kind Of Magic ( ft. MYZICA );
Pegboard Nerds - Superstar ( ft. Krewella );
Satin Jackers - You Make Me Feel Good ( ~7min long)
If anyone needs music just ask me, ill try to help. I check this website every night :v
Sincerely, xDANISx.

Thank you for reading.

Here's a nice one for a final round possibly.

so this thread might be better in a sugestions fora... i know we don't have one but i guess we could make one..

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