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Do you only want to follow hentai FH?

I've got a couple of projects going on with fap heros/cock heros but they're not hentai ones. If you want me to update you about them on this forum I will. If you don't I'll just continue enjoying this website as usual!

Please, drop me some links on good COCK HEROES ( real porn ). I cant find any good ones :(

If you look at the website, my video edit is the big tits pornstars one. You can find it on pornhub as well with the same video name or you can look at my profile on pornhub which is the same username as here! I'll inform you guys on my next editing in the next few weeks (probably in another more appropriate forum topic).

I am open for real porn, but im no authority here, so not sure if they will be accepting of that.

Oh.. and this is a question.. not an actual project so i'm moving it to help.
and yes you may put up any projects you are working on here... but i suggest that you wait a bit.
I'm adding a wysiwyg editor to the forum soon so you will be able to make a proper representation of your projects.

Oh.. and.. for non hentai cockheros i suggest you go over to

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