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Yes, we can make topics.


Awesome, let's begin soon to shitpost with all our might.

Or we can just talk about some delicous buttermilk pancakes

I like pancakes.


Pancakes are quite good with their fluffy texture, multiple varies of toppings, the juicy fruit that you can place inside of them (along with chocolate of course). Even with all of that I still prefer waffles as it is the perfect food that I can grab, shove in my mouth, and eat as I work around that house without worrying about it going limp and breaking off.

I prefer waffles :)

I prefer crepes ^^

No love for the Blitz?

Pancakes are tasty.

I'm more about waffles myself.

French Toast..... with fresh spices >.

I'm so making pancakes this morning

Guys... A pancake sandwich... a waffle and french toast stuck in between buttermilk pancakes and great maple syrup and butter and maybe even some stawberry jam. It is perfect! let's patent it and market it to fund the site!

I gotta say, pancake sandwich sounds delish.

Man ... that sounds epic!


I just uploaded pancakes.

I make my pancakes out of whole-grain flour from different grains!
I even have my own electric mill!


Lets try posting an image shall we :)

Crepes = pancakes
At least that's how it is in Denmark.

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