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Update delayd

I'm sorry for the delay of the site update..
I have decided to put up the old site untill i finish the new updates and then include the new design with the update.
sorry for all the truble

Site Update

I will be doing a full site update this weekend and probably also well in to next week.
The update will mainly be stuff behind the scenes that needs to be optimized.
I created the site in the spur of the moment so a lot of the code is rather haphazardly put together.

But there will also be some major changes to the visuals and content.
The vide sections will change a bit. It will be possible to change between a list view "easier to sort in" and the current thumbnail view.
A new section will also be added dedicated to HMV's

anyway.. expect the site to be down for a few days.

It's close to Cristmas

It's close to Christmas so I'm taking some time of from developing the site.
I know that not much has happened these past few days but i have been working on other stuff

I will be back creating new parts of the site in January.
stuff like.

  • User submitted projects "will be subject to admin approval"
  • Full creator pages "here you can see a detailed list of the creators including tumblr, projects, fapheroes created and a guestbook for each creator"
  • Full Tutorial pages "Written tutorials with videos on how to use the different programs and scripts common to creating a faphero and uploading it to"
  • Internal communication "all registered users will be able to send messages to each other"

Mary Christmas and a happy new year.

Ongoing Projects
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